Monday, April 15, 2019

 Finding the Time...

-For the busy tattoo artist.

-By Meg Munaretto

As an artist in the tattoo industry you become a slave to the artwork that you agree to do for your clientele. Though this is still YOUR art with YOUR artistic flare, it is still limited. It is limited by the imagination of someone you most likely do not know that well. 
That being said...take the time; the time to really explore your inner creativity. Keep your creativity alive by throwing down your thoughts on paper. For an artist, these thoughts typically come alive in the form of art. 

Whether your medium is painting, sculpting, or just throwing together some random sketches in a book...GET IT OUT THERE! Not for everyone else, but for yourself.

My advice is to take just one day out of your crazy busy schedule from drawing for others, answering emails, self promotion, or even laundry and pick up a pencil. Pick up a brush.

These are 2 weeks worth of self creative time that I took the opportunity to create. In the last 2 weeks, I have found that my drawings for my
clientele have really been more enjoyable and become more of a reflection of the artist I know myself to be.

This has been really great for my creativity as well as my pocketbook. These are just a handful of the designs that I plan on painting in the next couple weeks to put on our website for sale. I am really excited that I took the time to create something that I love and something that speaks to me. I hope that you all enjoy it as well. time that you feel stagnant in life or
 simply bored of the same old thing, remember that you were put on this earth to create. All of us as tattoo artists were born and raised special from other artists. We see a way to create artwork like it has only been done by our predecessors and carve the path for our successors so that they may create in their own image for the world.

Please check out my art portfolio...coming May 2019 at!

And keep tuning in to this blog for more behind the scenes action from the Black Lace Family!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Piercing for Pain

      Not Just A Gimmick

We have all heard tattoo shops and piercing shops around the world claim to cure migraines with a simple Daith piercing. What if I told you that it was simply a Gimmick in most of those places? 

Anyone can poke a hole in someone's ear and call it a cure, however, not everyone can use science to make that cure accurate. 

At Black Lace Ink in Grayslake, Meg Munaretto, has proven through years of research and over 20 years of experience that it is not as simple as a Daith piercing. 

As you can see in the photo there are many acupuncture sites located in the cartilage of the ear to treat many types of disorders. Everything from anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and pain can be treated in this way. Acupuncture has been used for decades to temporarily relieve symptoms caused by many of those conditions. At Black Lace Ink, Munaretto has found a way to make this temporary treatment a more permanent solution. 

Using the science behind acupuncture and a very in depth consultation with each and every patient, she has been able to achieve cures for over 95% of people that elect to have this done. With every person being completely different, that is quite a feat!

If you suffer from pain, anxiety, depression, migraines, or know someone that does, you should consider booking an appointment for a free consultation today. Visit Meg Munaretto at or on Facebook at to book now.